Diversified Income – attractive current income from diverse sources, with potential for growth

The Diversified Income strategy seeks attractive current income, while providing broad diversification and potential for growth of capital. Key potential benefits of the Diversified Income strategy include:

  • High Current Income – from both bonds and high-yield equity assets
  • Diversification – from combining a wide range of asset classes, many of which have exhibited relatively low correlation with one another
  • Growth – from the equity portion of the portfolio
  • Low Cost Implementation – from careful investment selection and opportunistic portfolio

The chart below provides a sample portfolio allocation for illustrative purposes.

Risk/RewardNote how the Diversified Income portfolio includes higher yielding equity assets, such as high-dividend-yield stocks, convertible bonds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and energy infrastructure Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Together, these provide the potential for more long-term growth than would be expected of a conventional portfolio of bonds or bank certificates of deposit.

We implement Diversified Income portfolios primarily using low-cost, liquid mutual funds, including exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This provides diversification across industries and issuers, and facilitates efficient adjustment of portfolio asset allocation when necessary. 

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