Our Services

Gould manages individual customized portfolios of financial assets – stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and options. Our clients are individuals and organizations with portfolios that range in size from approximately $500,000 to in excess of $10 million. Learn more about our clients.

Gould is a discretionary asset manager; this means that our clients authorize us to make ongoing investment decisions on their behalf, consistent with the objectives of their selected investment strategies. Client assets are held in the client’s name by a third-party custodian. Learn more about the client experience.

Every aspect of our asset management is guided by a set of principles, carefully developed through years of experience. These principles form our bedrock in the face of dynamic financial markets. Learn more about our guiding principles.

Gould is different in ways that count. These include the innovative strategies we offer, the tools and methods we use to implement those strategies, and the way we customize our services to meet the needs of each client. Learn more about what makes us different.