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Our clients are individuals and organizations with portfolios that range from approximately $1 million to over $20 million.

Investment Management

Every aspect of our asset management is guided by a set of principles, carefully developed through years of experience. These principles form our bedrock in the face of dynamic financial markets, and make us different in ways that count. These include the innovative strategies we offer, the tools and methods we use to implement those strategies, and the way we customize our services to meet the needs of each client.

Financial Planning

Planning for the future is something everyone needs to take seriously. Thankfully, Gould offers unparalleled insight and services that will provide not only peace of mind, but a road to financial success.

For individuals and organizations, we consult on saving, debt management, budgeting, credit, and much more. As with every service we offer, our guiding principles and inventive approaches ensure that your income and assets are in the best hands. 

Our Clients

Each client comes to Gould with unique circumstances. Age, assets, investment experience, life and financial goals, and risk tolerance are just a few of the factors. Based on careful consideration, we craft unique solutions for each client. At Gould, we help clients as they traverse a variety of important life events. Allow us to help you determine which challenges you face, and how we can solve them. Our clients include individuals, families, endowments, foundations, complex trusts, and pension funds. We assist each of our clients in traversing a variety of life events and challenges. These include:

Accumulation Phase
Investing for retirement

Distribution Phase
Investing during retirement and managing retirement income

Special-Purpose Accumulation
Investing for children’s or grandchildren’s education

Lump-Sum Investing
Handling assets received all at once, such as: inheritance, divorce, downsizing a residence, sale of a business, and more.

Our comprehensive approach gives clients peace of mind about their entire investment picture.
Thomas Carr, Jr., CFP®
Portfolio Manager

Understanding Your Financial Picture

Getting started as a Gould client is easy and straight-forward. We’ll meet with you to learn in detail about your current financial situation and clarify your goals and aspirations for financial security. Learn more about the client experience at Gould Asset Management.