Client Solutions

The Gould Difference

We seek to distinguish our firm through a culture of superior personal service. Gould clients quickly come to appreciate the courtesy, responsiveness, and attention they receive from Gould staff.

We exist to serve our clients and make every effort to do so with a genuine personal touch. Whether it’s orchestrating an IRA rollover from a former employer, working with a client’s CPA at tax time, or navigating an intricate estate planning matter, Gould is there when clients need help managing their financial lives. At a fundamental level, service is about attitude. We strive to display a can-do attitude at all times.

Along with our exceptional culture of service we believe the following attributes set us apart from the crowd.


Our investment strategies are innovative, not for the sake of difference, but in ways that truly help our clients achieve their long-term goals.


We see our job as adapting to the needs of our clients, rather than vice-versa.


We’re both willing and able to incorporate pre-existing holdings into client portfolios.


We employ sophisticated methods to improve after-tax return; foremost is tax optimization, which apportions assets between taxable and tax-deferred accounts according to relative tax efficiency.


We work with a highly diverse set of asset classes in constructing client portfolios, and continually evaluate new ones for inclusion in our strategies.


We have substantial expertise in the use of options as a tool for increasing portfolio income and/or reducing portfolio risk.

Gould’s PIMS Technology

The thoughtful and creative application of technology is critical to everything we do at Gould. Our proprietary software application, Portfolio Information and Management System (PIMS), developed and refined over the past seven years, forms the centerpiece of the firm’s technology suite.

PIMS is a multifaceted software application spanning portfolio management, securities trading, client service, regulatory compliance and corporate administration. It acts as a technology hub, interfacing with the third-party custodians that hold client assets, as well as web-based portfolio rebalancing and performance reporting systems.

Through PIMS, Gould staff has instant access to the information necessary for delivering consistently high quality management and administration of client portfolios. Each client and each portfolio is unique. Therefore, our proactive approach to technology helps us deliver customized solutions in an intelligent and cost-effective manner.

Gould is different in ways that count.

We provide extraordinary client service and support, and our entire team is highly accessible to every client.