by The Gould Asset Management Team

Stock markets worldwide plunged overnight in the wake of the surprise election of Donald Trump. Just as quickly, markets have snapped back this morning and as this is written, the US stock market is well above yesterday’s closing level.

Without question, Mr. Trump’s election introduces uncertainty across a broad swath of economic affairs, arguably widening the range of potential outcomes investors must consider. Nobody, including us, can say with authority what a Trump administration will mean for the economy and financial markets.

Faced with this, some investors might wonder whether to move to the sidelines and take a wait-and-see approach. We would caution against this. History teaches us that a long-term investment plan, carefully designed and consistently implemented, is the surest port in the storm.

At moments like this, we counsel perspective. The global economy, in fits and starts, lumbers forward inexorably like a great glacier. Over the past two centuries, through war and peace and countless elections, economies have grown. Whatever one’s reaction to Mr. Trump’s election, the odds favor a continuation of this very long-term trend. Investors win by aligning themselves with this trend and staying the course through the inevitable storms.

No doubt we will see more volatility in the days and weeks ahead. But amidst the blare and the aftershocks of this political earthquake, remember that you have a long-term plan designed to meet your long-term goals. And also remember that we are here to help you keep that perspective.

We will continue to monitor, analyze and digest the effects of the election, and we’ll keep you informed along the way.

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